Water Productivity Journal (WPJ) Quarterly Publication


One of the most interesting and hot topics in the current discussion of any group in the country's water industry is monitoring the management indicators of water resources, especially the water consumption efficiency index, ecological footprint of water, virtual water, and so on. The word water may seem like a two-letter word, but the war over it is accidentally "certain" around the open and hidden world, and worse, it could be the dangers and threats that will be a good thing by 2025 in terms of watershed management. The catchment area, groundwater resources, agricultural water management, etc. in dry water areas such as Iran, is unpredictable and planned. Unfortunately, we were unaware of putting the most important strategic input of production at the forefront, which led to large sums of money being withdrawn and returned annually, and the flight of elites, whose weakness and lack of money cannot be compensated even by money. . Now, we have gathered in this magazine to connect with the ideas of professors and students of the country's water industry from all over the world and to achieve registration, documentation, and synergy with full cooperation. This journal is a scientific, international publication with free access, with the aim of creating science and innovation in the field of water science and engineering and with the aim of promoting scientific views and publishing them to researchers, academics, students, craftsmen and all sympathizers and industry enthusiasts. It is the water of the country. This publication, entitled "Water Consumption Productivity", has received permission to publish in Persian and English in the letter No. 31582, dated March 11, 2017, by the Deputy Press Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.




 - Clarification of the nature and philosophy of water resources management indicators, including water consumption efficiency, ecological water footprint, virtual water, self-sufficiency index, vulnerability and resilience, etc.


 - Identify new methods of data mining and data mining in water science and engineering with the aim of improving the management indicators of water resources, especially water efficiency.


 - Predicting the future situation and water consumption of different communities and monitoring the efficiency of water consumption


 - Effective management scenarios in the exploitation of surface and groundwater resources in order to improve water efficiency


 Main research topics of the journal:


 - Physical and Economic Water Productivity (WP) 


- Virtual Water and Ecological Water Footprint


- New Solutions in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in order to Improve water Productivity


- Presenting New and Creative Methods in the Field of Conservation of Water and Soil Resources and Agricultural Water Management