Peer Review Process

The Water Productivity Journal is committed to the highest standards of double-blind peer-review. The Water Productivity Journal follows the policies and guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and abides by its Code of Conduct in dealing with potential cases of misconduct. 

Dear researchers, after receiving the articles through the e-mail and the journal system, they were initially reviewed by the journal expert, and if they did not comply with the instructions for preparing the article on water efficiency, they were returned to the responsible author to be adjusted according to the instructions. Therefore, the correction at this stage will be reviewed by the editorial board after approval by the publication expert. If it is in line with the content of the journal in terms of content and scientific structure, it will be sent to esteemed judges for evaluation. After the opinion of the judges and the approval of the editorial board, the result will be notified to the author responsible for the article through the publication system.

Important Points:

- Water Consumption Quarterly is free to reject, accept, and correct articles and, if necessary, informs the responsible author of its corrective opinions.

- The responsibility for the content, opinions, and ideas contained in the articles is the responsibility of the author responsible for the article and the intellectual property rights of the articles are reserved for the authors.

- The maximum initial judging time for manuscripts is 60 days.

Note: If the two referees differ, the manuscript will be sent to the third referee.

- If the article is accepted with corrections, the article is sent to the responsible author to implement the referees' corrections on his article and then send the correction article to the journal office (within a week).

Note: If for any reason without the notice of the journal, this time lasts more than two weeks, the article will be excluded from the judging process.